Mathrujyothis & Pithruvedi
Mathrujyothis and Pithruvedi are the fellowships of the mothers and fathers  of the parish respectively recognizing Mother Mary as the model of our faith, family and community life. The aim of Mathrujyothis & Pithruvedi is to spread the message of true christian love, social justice and for the integrity and sacredness of the institution of marriage. It was orginally introduced by Rev. Fr. Jose Alencherry. These organisations perform well under the guidance of the founder himself.  All the parents of this parish are members of these organisations.  Sr. Rani Francis A.S.M.I acts as animator for both Mathrujyothis & Pithruvedi.

Ouseph Thomas Ammanthuruthy (Pithruvedi)         
Rosamma Thomas Kavithazhe (Mathrujyothis)

Thomas Mathew Alencherry (Pithruvedi)           
Mercy Antony Kallupurackal (Mathrujyothis)

Vayojana Vedi
The Vayojana Vedi was organised in the parish to setup a stage for the old people where they could interact each other and sort out solutions for old-age problems, lonliness etc.  Sr. Rani Francis A.S.M.I. is the animator.

Mathew Mathew Mattakkatt
Joseph Mathew Punnasserry
Joseph Thomas Vaniyapurackal
Leelamma Sunny Kattady
Annamma Joseph Appacherry
Thresiamma Paulose Thekkepara

Yuvadeepti-KCYM is the youth apostolate of Changanacherry Archdiocese. Yuvadeepti is a part of KCYM - Kerala Catholic Youth Movement, which is affliated to ICYM - Indian Catholic Youth Movement. As the name suggests Yuvadeepti is national wide catholic youth organisation which is aiming at the integral development of every youth and to enlighten the mankind in Jesus Christ, the light of the world.  The members take care of all the important activities of the church.  Crib making, Christmas decoration, feast celebrations are undertaken by the Yuvadeepthi.  They assemble, on last sunday of every month.  Sr. Kholbie Francis A.S.M.I. is the animator.

Jerrin Ulahannan Njaraparambil (President)
Joel Thomas Alencherry (Secretary)

Cherupushpa Mission League (CML)
Cherupushpa Mission League is an indigenous lay missionary organization, established on 3rd October 1947 at Bharananganam, in the diocese of Palai. A branch of the organisation is established in our parish.  All children above the age of five years of our Parish are members of this League.  The League is very active in our Parish and helps our children to live in faith and love. The members assemble on every Saturday after the morning Mass.  They engage in charity activities and are keen to help those who in need.  In 2015, the members of Cherupushpa Mission League of our Parish has raised fund and handed over to inmates of Mercy Home, Chethipuzha, Changanacherry (Kerala, India). Sr. Nithya Francis A.S.M.I acts as the Joint Director of Mission Leage.

Jewal Thomas Alencherry (President)
Donna Thomas Njaraparambil (Secretary)

Altar Shushrushi Sangam
It is a lay assistant to the Pastor during the liturgy and attends to supporting tasks at the altar. Sr. Linse Mary A.S.M.I is the animator. The Altar Shushrushi Sangam includes Secretary and leaders.

Jewal Thomas Alencherry

Kariachan Raju Kollara (Berchmans Group)
Mebin Francis Ammanthuruthy (Dominic Savio Group)
Ronis Mathew Njaraparambil (Youth)
Georgekutty Joseph Alencherry (Seniors)
Thiru Bala Sakhyam
Aiming at the formation of Children from their early stage in the catholic faith and principles, the Thirubala Sakhyam has been organised.  It upholds the slogan "To Jesus Through Mary" and majority of the children of the parish are members of this organization. Sr. Nithya Francis A.S.M.I is the Joint Director.

Jefin Joshi Veliparambil
Angel Maria Palathra

Devamatha Darshana Samooham
Devamatha Darsana Samooham is a religious body associated with the church consisting of laymen, dedicated to Virgin Mary with close connection with a religious order.  They wear their religious dress, i.e. the oppa and morise on ceremonial occasions.  It was started in our Parish in year 2010 and presently it has 46 members and guided by Rev. Fr. Jose Alencherry, our Vicar. They assemble on every second saturday after the Holy Mass for offering prayers to Mother Mary.  These members undertake celebrating the feast of our patron, St Jude and celebration on Holy Thursday.
Josekutty Joseph Vellekalam (Leader)   
Valsamma Augastine Ammanthuruthy (Secretary)

Vincent De Paul Society
The Society of St. Vincent de Paul is a Catholic lay organization that leads women and men to join together to grow spiritually by offering services to those who are needy and suffering.  Our parish unit operates in the tradition of the Society's founder, Blessed Frederic Ozanam (1833) and its patron, St. Vincent de Paul. God's love will be witnessed by embracing all works of charity.  The Society collaborates with other people of good will in relieving the needy and addressing its causes.
Thaddeus P. Alencherry (President)
Ajay Jose Marette (Secretary)

St Jude Choir
We have three choir groups, as per age group, which are very active in our parish.  Sr. Elsy Francis A.S.M.I. is the Director  and Sr. Bini Francis A.S.M.I is the Assistant Director of the Choir.  The St. Jude Choir comprises of

Thomas P. Alencherry            
Monson Raju Njaraparambil   
Leo Jose Valiyaparambil
Joel Mathew Alencherry

Jude Arts
In order to widen the field of arts and culture of the parish, the Jude Arts was formed in the beginning of year 2015.  The members of Jude Arts undertake all the cultural activities in the parish.

Anil Jose Alencherry (Leader)

Yudapuram Band
Though our parish is small in size, we could create a bandset of ourown named 'Yudapuram Band'. It has 17 children as its locally trained members and the bandset was formally inaugurated on October 24, 2015.  V.P. Joseph Venmalassery is the captainof the band.

Kerala Labour Movement (K.L.M.)
The Kerala Labour Movement (KLM) is a civil society organization registered under the Kerala Charitable Societies Registration Act of 1955 to operationalize its strategies for the effective organization of the informal workers of Kerala. Now Kerala Labour Movement (KLM) works under the umbrella of Labour Commission of Catholic Bishops Council of Kerala as an effective NGO who caters the developmental needs of the unorganized laborers of the Kerala State. KLM members at St.Jude church Yudapuram works for the betterment of the spiritual, cultural, economic and social developments of the organized and unorganized labourers and of their families.
K.M. Thomas Kavithazhe (President)
N.D. Jameskutty Njaraparambil (Secretary)

A unit of the Changanacherry Social Service Society (CHASS) has been active in our Parish since 2007.  Members assemble once in every week for accepting deposits and lending money to its members.
A.A. Augustine Alencherry (President)
A.J. George Alencherry (Secretary)

Mahatma Swashraya Sangham
The Mahatma Swashryaya Sangham is a self-help group organised  in our parish.  The members of this organisation jointly undertake various ventures such as cultivation of paddy, chit fund, etc. and a share of the profit is utilised for good cause and helping the needy.

Jose P. Alencherry (President)
K.M. Thomas Kavithazhe (Secretary)


God is both refuge and strength for us, a help always ready in trouble. (Psalms 46:1)

Altar Boys
Choir Members