Children from the age of four are introduced to the message and mission of Jesus Christ. Helping others encounter the Living Christ and is the fundamental goal of all catechesis.  Sunday School has been functioning in our Parish since 2008. Classes meet on Sundays from 11:00 am to 12:30 pm. Our dedicated teachers strive to create an environment of hospitality and give expression to the loving presence of God. Their teaching encourages children to deepen their faith. They inspire children to grow in understanding and knowledge of our Catholic beliefs and instill in them great love for Christ.

Presently, our Sunday School has classes from 1 to 12 and has an attendance of 97 students and 17 teachers.  In addition to regular classes, tbe teachers organise extra-curricular activities viz. quiz competitions, art festival, arranging pilgrimages, literary programmes etc. for the overall growth of the students. 
'The Silver Star - 2017'
winner in
The Archdiocese of Changanacherry
Adv. Antony Varghese Madathiparambil

Assistant Headmaster
Shri. Thomas Jacob Padinjarethil

Staff Secretary
Sr. Elsy Francis A.S.M.I.

Office Secretary
Smt. Ruby Benny Maniyankerikalam

Student Secretary
Ann Mary Som Alencherry

Sr. Rani Francis A.S.M.I.
Sr. Nithya Francis A.S.M.I
Anil Jose Alencherry
Augustine Thomas Alencherry
Tessy Thomas Alencherry
Shaji Philip Manayil
Lissy Siby Valayil
Tessy Scaria Kocheethra
Tiny Varghese Palathra
Rosamma Varghese Pulickal
Smitha Jufil Palathra
Valsamma Augustine Ammanthuruthy
Tonsy Thomas Pulimoottil

Student Leaders
Mathew Sojan Njaraparambil
Sebastian Varghese Pulickal
Maria Augustine Appacherry
Dominic Antony Kallupurackal
Sandra Ajai Marette
Maria Varghese Thekkepara

Other Services

Preparing Children & Conducting Quiz
Sr. Elsy Francis A.S.M.I

Preparation of First Communicants
Sr. Bini Francis A.S.M.I

In Charge of Bethlehem Meet
Sr. Nithya Francis A.S.M.I

Office Bearers
(With effect from 27 May 2018)

An endowment of Rs. 85,000/- has been created as incentive to students.   Cash awards are disbursed to Sunday School toppers and winners of Leo Memorial Quiz.  Further, selected students are given special drive to participate in organisations such as "Thirubalasakhyam", "Cherupushpa Mission League", "Altar Boys Association" etc.  Children's choir is constituted from among the students and children take a main role in children's mass on Sundays.  A monthly meet, known as Bethlehem Meet, is organised and regularly convened at the residence of students.
Sunday School
No one can have greater love than to lay down his life for his friends.  (John 15:13)

07 JUNE 2019